Coax Cabling

For small- and medium-sized businesses, security is a priority. With Coax Cabling installed by Fidelis , you can rest assured that your audio and video surveillance is in top-notch condition, 24x7. Coax has been the medium of choice for high-fidelity audio, security cameras, television, satellite, and broadband communications.

Fidelis offers a wide variety of coax cabling options, those being: 50 ohms (used for Ethernet connections), 75 ohms (used for your TV or cable modem) and 93 ohms (which is rarely used).

What you need to know before installing a coax cable:

  • The most common type of coax cabling is called Flexible Coax
  • Flexible cable uses a ‘braided shield’ of extremely fine wires
  • The braided shield is very consistent in its coverage, and remains so as the cable is flexed and bent
  • Manufacturers usually add several layers of braid and place thin foil between the layers to combat
    energy loss
  • Fidelis normally uses a quad shield (two layers of braid, two of foil) for 75-ohm applications, which provides better coverage

Coax cable can support much higher bandwidths than an unshielded twisted pair (UTP) cable. The most efficient transfer of energy, over coax, occurs when all parts of the system have the same impedance.