Fiber Optic Network Cabling Solutions

With its high bandwidth capacity (up to 10gbp/s), consistently high up-time, large coverage distance capability, and space-saving build, many experts hail Fiber Optic cabling as technology for the future. It is perfect for backbone connections between localized networking equipment and for businesses relying on it as a medium to communicate digitally.

Fiber Optic cabling from Fidelis is scalable and cost-effective as it uses a very small fraction of the potential information-carrying capacity of the fiber. Therefore, as demand for communications capacity increases, the system can be upgraded and large amounts of data can be transmitted without additional installation fee.

Fiber Optic cabling from Fidelis gives you:

  • Full design, install, testing and maintenance of your Fiber Optic systems
  • Our service engineers are certified fiber tech specialists
  • Fidelis ’ technicians also perform Mechanical Splicing & Termination of multimode and singlemode fiber cables, which includes repair work
  • Cost-savings, as you do not have to invest in expensive test equipment and costly engineer training
  • Fidelis can install and service multi-mode OM2 (up to 10Gps), OM3 (up to 40Gbps), & OM4 (up to 100Gbps) fiber optic connections
  • Inside plant single-mode options available in both OS1 and OS2


Fiber optic cabling provides a high security link, and is immune to electromagnetic interference (EMI). This guarantees uninterrupted business operations and high-speeds at all times.