Copper Voice & Data Network Cabling Solutions

From simple analog voice applications to advanced high speed networks, we develop powerful, flexible communications infrastructure solutions that form the backbone of successful business operations. Additionally, our experts ensure that the installations follow strict and specific guidelines, and testing is done using the right equipment, calibrated for the latest standards.

The main reason for this is that networks today are designed to carry large amounts of information at incredible speeds. To accomplish this over voice and data cabling, many different criteria must be met. The careful design of our copper cabling keeps electromagnetic interferences (EMI) to a minimum, ensuring electrical balance between the currents running through the wire and the electronic device it’s associated with. Failure to properly manage EMI can have an adverse effect on the integrity of the signal being transmitted.


Industry standards that we follow are set by three major players: Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE – commonly called I-triple-E ), American National Standards Institute (ANSI), Telecommunications Industry Association / Electronic Industry Alliance (TIA/EIA).