Hurricane Irma Preparation — This Is The Response You Want Your Vendors to Have!

Fidelis establishes relationships with vendors that are proactive and work for the best interests of our customers.

It was refreshing to recently receive the following letter from one of our partners providing business data protection and business continuity solutions in advance for Hurricane Irma.

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Cloud. Let’s Peel Back the Confusion and Mystery

The Cloud

You’ve heard the term cloud and related phrases such as cloud computing and cloud storage most likely. These terms are being used more and more often, to the point where they have become part of our daily language. Most users, however, have no idea what these this actually means. What exactly is this new phenomenon and why should you care? Like an onion, let’s peel back the confusion and mystery.

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Is “Free” really free when it comes to Anti-Virus or Anti-Malware?


I love benefiting from the free use of so many different software products available nowadays. I Google things for information, I use free Apps to organize life, track exercise, keep grocery lists, etc. I use free versions of streaming to listen to music and podcasts. The only real cost of these free options is putting up with the advertisements aimed at me, which is fine with me.

When the subject matter is deploying an Anti-Virus and Anti-Malware on my computer, what is the point of paying for them when there are products available that come with no price tag?

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Can Someone Spy on Me Through My Webcam?

webcam security

Recently I was working with my accountant and I noticed he had a piece of electrical tape covering his laptop’s WebCam. This wasn’t the first time I noticed someone covering up the camera on their laptop with tape or a sticky note. I was curious: did he know something I didn’t? So I asked him: “Are you worried someone might be watching your boring accounting stuff?” He told me that he had seen it on a client’s computer years ago. “I don’t really use it anyway, so why give people an opportunity to spy on me?” After my interaction with the CPA I decided to check the validity of this security concern with our Fidelis IT gurus. If my WebCam presents a security concern, a piece of tape wouldn’t be a good solution for me since I use Skype for Business frequently as a big part of our internal collaboration.

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