Hurricane Irma Preparation — This Is The Response You Want Your Vendors to Have!

Hurricane Irma Preparation — This Is The Response You Want Your Vendors to Have!

Fidelis establishes relationships with vendors that are proactive and work for the best interests of our customers.

It was refreshing to recently receive the following letter from one of our partners providing business data protection and business continuity solutions in advance for Hurricane Irma.

This type of preparation and level of service is why we partner with companies such as Datto. Nice job, Datto!

Datto Partners,

Hurricane Irma is now one of the strongest storms of all time and is approaching the Southeastern United States. At this time, we want you to know what Datto has in place to help our partners prepare for and recover from the storm.

First, we have offered partners in the affected area a Network Continuity Kit, which is essentially a Datto Networking Appliance with integrated 4G LTE failover. We found this was the most requested device in Houston to get business back online. This kit allows us to help partners prepare for and recover from the storm, and includes 90 days of unlimited data service. To ensure these devices arrive on time, it includes free overnight shipping to affected areas. If you have customers in the area, please reach out to your sales rep for more information as this offer ends Thursday, September 6 at 4PM EST.

Second, Datto will be sending a second Disaster Response Team to Florida to assist partners on site. This team will carry a stock of DNAs, switches, access points and SIRIS devices. All of these devices will be provided free-of-charge for a period of time to help partners in need. We will be leaving the current team in place in Texas to continue to support relief efforts.

Third, we are prioritizing support tickets submitted from now through the end of the emergency related to backup or recovery in the areas affected by Hurricane Irma and Hurricane Harvey. We are also augmenting our Support Teams and adding resources to the Code Red team to assist with critical real-time disaster recoveries. While call volume was not a problem during Harvey, it may be during Irma. Please pardon our response times while we handle the immediate crises facing our partners in the area.

Please reach out to Datto Support if you need any assistance. As always, we are available 24x7x365.

Matt Richards
VP, Product Marketing
Datto, Inc.

If the recent natural disasters have been making you consider your preparedness, please contact us to talk about how we might be able to help prepare your business to protect your business data and prepare your business to continue functioning if a disaster strikes.

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