Is Your Internet Slow?

Is Your Internet Slow?

Do you receive complaints from your office staff saying that “the Internet is slow”?  Many small businesses are budget conscious and only purchase the least expensive service from their Internet Service Provider (ISP).  The slower service can be sufficient for normal business operations such as email and basic web browsing, but not if extra stress is put on the network.  E-mail and most web-based applications do not consume large amounts of Internet bandwidth.

What happens when an employee starts listening to Pandora or employees on lunch begin to watch YouTube or Netflix videos?

This streaming media can have a negative effect on your network speed and performance since it is very bandwidth intensive.

While usage is not the only cause of a slow Internet connection, it is good to know who and what is using your current bandwidth.

There are software applications and hardware appliances that can monitor and track Internet usage on your network.

By using these tools, we can evaluate your existing connection to see if configuration changes to block or limit access to certain types of content will help.  We can also help uncover situations where your Internet service needs to be upgraded to faster service.

Time to assess your Internet connection options?

Give us a call at (425) 336-5100 if you’d like to discuss the available options.  In many cases, a carrier services assessment can find faster service at a lower monthly cost!

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