“Monumental” Shift to the Cloud.

“Monumental” Shift to the Cloud.

JP Morgan analysts released a report forcasting companies providing traditional on-premise IT solutions losing IT sales to cloud competitors in a big way. They surveyed 200+ CIOs with budgets over $600 million representing over $126 billion in enterprise IT spending. In their report they suggest that a “near- tripling of the public-cloud-based workload mix” is taking place which “represents a monumental architectural shift” to the cloud.

Are you on the wrong side of this technological shift to the cloud?

Many IT vendors and purchasers are finding themselves on the wrong side of this shift being burdened by traditional hardware, servers or on-premise solutions. Their 1,3 5 year plans are still representing little migration to the cloud favoring the traditional on-premise solution direction. That’s changing however. Now due to successful early integrator’s solutions like Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services and now the literally thousands of new solutions in the cloud, the cost savings and flexibility have become too great to ignore.

Should you be on the cloud?

Cloud products can offer flexibility, disaster recovery, automatic software updates, reduced capital expenditures, global collaboration, work from anywhere, document control, security, staying competitive and being environmentally friendly. From mobility to business continuity going to the cloud is ultimately a no-brainer. And then there’s the cost savings…

Cost savings is one of the most cited reasons corporations migrate to the cloud. They’re typically trying to solve the problem of “more with less” and doing so. How? Cloud providers benefit from economies of scale which translates to computer software power at a much lower cost.

Also, a big plus for cloud computing users is to pay for what you’re using and not paying for unused services and/or customer premise equipment and licenses.

Take advantage of this monumental shift to the cloud.

By partnering with a company like Fidelis you can get the best advice for vetted cloud services and infrastructures. Our consultants can help you with your plan of migration from existing customer premise products to cloud solutions all the while easing your bottom line.

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