Easy tips to make your computer last longer

December 6th, 2019
Easy tips to make your computer last longer

Modern computers have the capacity to administer countless functions, but they don’t last forever. Over time, they slow down, overheat, or get damaged due to an accident. For those who wish to save on tech expenses, there are simple ways to keep your machine in proper working order for as long as possible. All it takes is a little discipline and awareness of the following best practices:

Keep things updated

Ensure both your hardware and software components are up to date, as this allows your device to perform at its optimum state. If your computer still operates on a hard drive, experts recommend switching the hard drive out for a solid-state drive (SSD) — a storage device with greater durability, speed, and quieter functions.

Your RAM is also key to faster computer speed and responsiveness. Be sure you have enough for performing both simple and demanding tasks, and upgrade to a larger size if necessary. For general computing tasks, 8 GB of RAM is enough, but for intensive workloads like graphic design and video editing, you’ll need more than 16 GB of RAM.

Finally, install any upgrades prompted by your device as this ensures smoother program performance and less strain on your computer.

Keep things clean

Overloading your hard drive with unnecessary files and data can slow down your computer’s overall functions (which purportedly happens when more than 80% of your local storage is used). Take time to clean out your files occasionally, deleting those you no longer need. For more important files, invest in cloud storage and transfer files there to free up valuable space on your device.

It’s also important to maintain a clean machine. Both laptops and computers are prone to collecting dust, food residue, and other dirt particles. To remove the grime from your PC, turn off your machine, and blow the dust away from internal components using a can of compressed air. Finally, don’t forget to brush off any dirt that collected in between the nooks and crannies of your keyboard.

Apply physical safeguards

Investing in a surge protector is critical, especially for desktop users. This piece of equipment not only allows you to plug in multiple electronics into one power outlet, but it also defends your computer and files from sudden power surges.

If you tend to travel with a laptop, be sure to keep it in a padded case. Leaving it exposed to suffer bumps and collisions can lead to costly external and internal damage.

Run virus scans

Cybercrime is on the rise annually, and users are taught to be more vigilant than ever. Often carried out through various types of adaptable viruses, a successful breach will not only slow your device down, but it will corrupt your software and compromise data in the process as well.

It thus pays to have high-quality antivirus software installed and run regular scans to ensure a malware-free device. Additionally, brush up on security best practices to avoid deceptive phishing scams and data theft.

Replace your battery

A degrading battery leads to the burden of constantly charging your device, rendering its portability useless. Maintain the convenience and efficiency of your laptop by replacing your battery when necessary. It’s as easy as hopping onto Amazon (or any eCommerce site of your choice) to shop for the best prices that fit your model.

Keep it cool

Finally, prevent your machine from overheating by ensuring proper ventilation practices. This particularly applies to laptop users, who tend to place their device on cushioned surfaces (such as a bed or sofa). This restricts the airflow underneath, causing the machine to overheat.

Overheating can strain and damage your computer’s internal systems, reducing its life span as a result. To prevent this, be sure to clean (or if necessary, replace) your computer fan every once in a while, and invest in cooling pads or lap desks if necessary.

A strong knowledge of computer maintenance can help you preserve your business equipment for the long haul. Our experts offer high-end tech support to cover all your IT issues to maintain the optimal performance of your IT infrastructure. Meet with us today to keep your company productive, efficient, and technologically current.

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