Shouldering the responsibility of shaping the country’s future is already tough enough. Let Fidelis eliminate
your IT hurdles.

Fidelis provides complete IT, cabling, and phone system support to both school districts and private schools throughout the Pacific Northwest.

Fidelis can help maintain your student information system, accounting software, phone system, servers, business continuity plans, backups, network, firewall, Internet connectivity, wireless, email, remote access, cabling needs, and more.

Our experienced staff understands that efficiency of your staff is critical. Just as is keeping systems secure & running smoothly. Fidelis provides you with protection systems in place to properly back up and provide business continuity in case of hardware failures or data loss.

Your students (and their parents!) expect you to provide the best education possible. Partner with us to help your team deliver that goal.

For larger schools or districts, we offer project and consulting support to supplement your existing team. We can help you with integrating your student information system with other applications (library management, point-of-sale/lunch systems, transportation systems, educational software, etc.), implement a reliable wireless solution throughout your buildings, or support other goals such as one-to-one programs.

Technology helps with first impressions. For example, we can help you set up digital displays in your lobby or meeting rooms that help you demonstrate the professionalism and high-quality service.

Fidelis has helped many schools with their cabling needs, including low-voltage data, voice, and TV cabling, installation of lobby TVs and digital displays, installation of projectors and TVs for conference rooms, setting up wall-mounts for monitors and PCs, deploying secure wireless solutions to allow both guests, students, and secure staff wireless networks, and helping to network multiple locations together.

Purchasing educational software is also easier with Fidelis . We are part of the Microsoft Education Partner program and an Authorized Education Partner (AEP). This means we can license educational software from Microsoft in volumes and at prices appropriate for academic institutions (as opposed to full retail for a single copy of software). We also have the knowledge and expertise to recommend software to your institution based on its size and needs, as well as train your staff in the software’s use.


Fidelis is experienced in:

  • Monitoring, patching and securing your systems to keep them running smoothly
  • Implementing Quality of Service (QoS)
  • Supporting mobile communications
  • Networking multiple offices together
  • Implementing call queues, call reporting, call alerting
  • Digital clock integration for paging
  • Unified communications
  • Installing Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) to help buildings with poor cell service


Secure, reliable, efficient, and specialized. All while being HIPAA compliant.

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Reliable technology means better service. We take care of the back-end so you can concentrate on serving your guests.

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Cut on costs but not on quality. Managed Service Plans with a proactive approach.

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Most businesses in the Pacific Northwest entrust us with their systems. You should too.

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Real Estate

Property management, customer relationships and business continuity should never take the back seat for some IT issues.

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Small Business

Fidelis believes that everyone is deserving of excellent IT -- small businesses included. Let us show you what genuine support looks like.

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Accounting and Financial Services

Our accounting and financial industry knowledge is unparalleled. Fidelis is experienced in managing QuickBooks, Sage Accounting, Peachtree and more.

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You’ve built it from ground up; now sit back and relax as Fidelis handles network cabling and IT support.

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