Tech Support

Providing Tech Support in and around Seattle, Tacoma, and Portland.

Relying on one IT guy to be on call offering reactive services to your IT issues is a lot like putting all your eggs in the same basket. In today’s competitive business world, your company needs a professional IT partner to proactively monitor, update and troubleshoot your IT infrastructure.

Our support team comes from a diverse background, and can solve any problem. Whether it be related to VoIP or network cabling, to more upfront, visible matters such as sudden bug fixing and updates, to general troubleshooting.

Fidelis, Inc's IT support team will help you reduce expensive downtime, eliminating the hassle of dealing with unreliable IT. Rely on a help desk you can trust to be available at your beck-and-call, 24x7.

If you are an existing managed services client with Help Desk service, please call 425-949-4500
or use the Chat icon on your computer for fastest service. For customers without Help Desk service, please contact us.

Why employ us as your IT support professionals?

  • Experience → Our Service Desk is staffed by seasoned technicians with a minimum of two-years’ experience resolving application, desktop, and network-level issues. When you call us, you can count on receiving reliable top-tier support.
  • Customer recognition → Each time one of your users calls the Service Desk, our technician automatically sees your unique customer profile so we can quickly resolve your problems.
  • Integrated app support → Our Service Desk supports popular applications for desktop publishing, graphics, antivirus, wireless devices, browsers, PCs, systems networks, and many more!

Cloud Services

Manage your data anywhere, anytime with our array of cloud-powered tools.

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Business Phone Systems Support

Enjoy seamless communication, always.

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Network Cabling

Design, plan, and implement. Our Network Cabling service means you’re always ahead of the curve.

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Security Services

Ransomware and breaches have never been so prevalent; we can help you weather the storm.

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Managed IT Support

When IT troubles come knocking, we’ll be here to troubleshoot them for you.

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Hardware and Software

The latest hardware and software, installed and optimized

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Business Continuity

Don’t let a disaster take your company down

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Help Desk Support

Make frustrating technical support calls a thing of the past

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Minimum IT investment for maximum productivity

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