About Us

We’re a team of energetic, experienced IT professionals.

Founded in 2008 by Scott Wittstock, Fidelis became the physical embodiment of a philosophy: Begin with detailed preparation, deliver solid implementation to thorough completion, all while maintaining the most important factor – close relationships with customers! So, it was after many years of working in a corporate-structured telecommunications environment, Scott took his vast knowledge and experience of enterprise phone systems, information technology, communications & structured cabling and stepped valiantly into the entrepreneurial world and started his own company. Serving the greater Seattle and outlying areas, and building an ever-expanding customer base, people started utilizing Scott’s remarkable ability to see the big picture, which often-times surpassed the vast majority of other “IT” providers.

Fidelis seeks to empower our customers to focus on their own missions by using our expertise to aid in all things communications. We act as your partner, from the planning phase through implementation, maintenance, and continued forward thinking on all your communications platforms. We do this by hiring experts who love what they do and care about the people they serve, by staying current on the latest technologies, and by spending the time it takes to do every job right.

Our name Fidelis is Latin for “faithful,” which represents the core of our values. We strive to honor our commitments to our customers and to each other by staying true to our word. Our customers, vendors, and team members are treated with respect and integrity, building trust and enduring relationships.


Fidelis 101 -The Mission

Co-Managed IT approach. We bring together the IT, MSP, Structured Cable and Communications. Got technology at your desk,
we can help!

Partnering with customers throughout the Greater Seattle WA & Greater Portland OR areas to leverage our remarkable ability to see the Information Communication Technologies (ICT) big picture. Let Fidelis join your team to enhance your business with service, dedication, and technology.

Managed IT Support

When IT troubles come knocking, we’ll be there to troubleshoot them for you.

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Tech Support

Our team of experts can tackle everything from monumental issues to trivial ones.

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Security Services

Ransomware and breaches have never been so prevalent; we can help you weather the storm.

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Cloud Services

Manage your data anywhere, anytime with our array of cloud-powered tools.

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Business Phone Systems Support

Enjoy seamless communication, always.

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Network Cabling

Design, plan, and implement. Our Network Cabling service means you’re always ahead of the curve.

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Business Continuity

Don’t let a disaster take your company down

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Help Desk Support

Make frustrating technical support calls a thing of the past

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Minimum investment for maximum return

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Our Team

Fidelis seeks to empower our customers to focus on their own missions by using our expertise to aid in all things information
and communications technologies.

Scott Wittstock


Paul Zimmerman

Vice President

La Rae McDonald


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