IT Solutions

Our specialists provides IT Solutions to small businesses.

Using a co-managed support model, our team will help you deploy tools to help you better manage your systems, with 24/7 monitoring of critical system health, remote access tools to allow you to remotely manage your systems, critical endpoint protection software, and tools to help you keep your systems patched and well maintained. If any issues are detected, your team will be notified and can work on the issue directly, or if they need assistance, reach out to our local team for additional assistance.

Optionally, our Network Operations Center team can monitor your critical servers 24/7/365 and remotely connect in to troubleshoot issues that our monitoring agent software detects.

Fidelis local team can also help with project support, vacation coverage, or additional assistance when your team doesn’t have time or the expertise to resolve pressing issues. The toolset we use for our IT Solutions allows your team to be more efficient, automating many routine tasks to free up your team to work on the most important tasks for your Seattle business.

Contact us today to discuss your needs to determine if we would be a good partner for you. With a IT Solutions, your team will experience many of the major benefits of a full-service managed service provider team while maintaining benefits of employing your own internal technical team.

Cloud Services

Manage your data anywhere, anytime with our array of cloud-powered tools.

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Network Cabling

Design, plan, and implement. Our Network Cabling service means you’re always ahead of the curve.

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Managed IT Support

When IT troubles come knocking, we’ll be here to troubleshoot them for you.

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Tech Support

A helping hand through all your IT issues.

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Business Phone Systems Support

Enjoy seamless communication, always.

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Security Services

Ransomware and breaches have never been so prevalent; we can help you weather the storm.

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Business Continuity

Don’t let a disaster take your company down

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Help Desk Support

Make frustrating technical support calls a thing of the past

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Minimum IT investment for maximum productivity

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