Leveraging cloud computing for growth in 2024

Leveraging cloud computing for growth in 2024

The cloud has proved to be a powerful tool for business growth in the years since its introduction, and 2024 looks to be no different. This year will see new developments and trends that can provide your business, regardless of size or industry, opportunities to leverage cloud computing for higher and more sustainable growth. Here are some of the ways you can take advantage of the cloud to make this year a more successful one.


AI is changing the game across a wide spectrum of industries, and the list is only growing. But while AI is the tool bringing innovation, it’s the cloud that’s bringing AI to the masses. Now, thanks to AI-as-a-Service (AIaaS), anyone can leverage the power of machine learning algorithms and big data without the need to purchase and maintain powerful, energy-guzzling servers.

AIaaS providers give companies like yours a way to access and experiment with AI tools via their cloud infrastructure with low capital and time investment. This improved cost-effectiveness and accessibility make now the perfect time to adopt AI. As such, it is prudent to get the advice of experienced consultants who understand the current state of cloud-enabled AI to discover how to best leverage this new technology.

Sustainable cloud infrastructures

Reducing your company’s carbon footprint makes sense from an environmental standpoint, but it also just makes good business sense. Lower energy and hardware costs, coupled with the benefits of a positive public image, will be vital to success in 2024, and the industry trend toward sustainable cloud computing is here to help. Consult with your cloud provider or IT services provider to leverage new tools and processes that can make your infrastructure greener, more efficient, and more in line with global efforts to fight climate change.

Edge computing

Edge computing brings computational power closer to the data source you need it to interact with, reducing latency and enhancing real-time processing capabilities. This is particularly beneficial for businesses in the manufacturing, healthcare, or retail industry, or another sector that requires IoT devices and/or immediate data analysis. Edge computing can enable faster decision-making, improve customer experiences, and drive operational efficiency in ways that traditional cloud computing cannot.

Hybrid cloud solutions

As more and more of your operations take to the cloud, you may find that your business needs more flexible, secure, and reliable computing capabilities. Hybrid and multi-cloud approaches combine different cloud environments (on-/off-premises servers, etc.), which leads to greater control and ultimately security for your cloud infrastructure.

There are many options on the market now that will enable you to leverage multiple cloud providers or a combination of public and private clouds to optimize performance, cost, and security. This enhanced mastery over your cloud environment will enable you to tailor solutions that best fit your company’s immediate and future needs.

Serverless cloud computing

Serverless computing allows your business to run applications and processes without having to manage the underlying infrastructure. This model frees up the attention and resources that your team would have otherwise spent managing servers so they can put them toward development or other revenue-generating activities.

Better yet, instead of shelling out for a whole set of servers or a fixed package of bandwidth, you pay only for the actual resources used. These services also automatically scale to your usage, which reduces unnecessary operational costs and improves your overall scalability. With serverless cloud computing becoming more affordable by the day, your business can more easily benefit from increased agility, cost-efficiency, and faster time to market for your products or services.

It’s more important than ever for businesses to keep up with new cloud trends and learn how to leverage them to gain a competitive advantage. At Fidelis, we can help you achieve both. Our cloud experts keep their ear to ground for the latest cloud technologies and recommend only the right solutions for your business. Call us today to learn more.

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