Security Training Services

Breaches happen to small companies

Most data breach cases that are reported in the news usually revolve around large corporations like Target, Home Depot, and Sony, but in reality, small- to medium-sized companies are also at risk. According to a Verizon study, 71% of data breaches affect companies with fewer than 100 employees.

Data Breaches can be deadly

Data breaches impact several small companies. According to a National Cyber Security Alliance study, as much as 60% of small- to medium-sized companies close their doors within 6 months of a data breach incident. This is because businesses are unprepared for these incidents and often have difficulty recovering from the damages.

Employees are your weakest link

As your trusted IT advisor, we offer industrial-grade firewalls, robust antimalware software, and the latest security patches to bolster your defenses. But despite that employees are your weakest link. In fact, IBM found that 95% of all data breaches were caused by human error.

Employees need cyber security training

That’s why it’s critical to train employees on recognizing security threats. Having professional training seminars can drastically reduce data breach cases caused by human error.

Introducing our employee security training

To thoroughly mitigate this issue, we’re offering engaging, informative employee security training sessions for your company. We’ll extensively use multimedia to effectively educate employees on a plethora of crippling yet common security issues that affect businesses like yours, such as phishing scams, ransomware, phone scams, and the dangers of using public WiFi.

Fidelis Security Training Services

  • Fidelis Senior Management Training (FiSMT)
    • Personalized, in-person, focused security training for executives and senior management
    • Tailored content and format to increase leadership awareness and understanding of security risks
    • Developed to align leadership toward goal of reducing risks to the organization
    • Examples of phishing emails & phishing websites
    • Discussion about data breaches, data breach prevention, disaster recovery and backups, responding to a data breach, and more
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  • Fidelis Basic Secure Now (FiBSN) – Employee Security Training
    • Annual security training for all your employees
    • Annual dark web breach assessment
  • Fidelis Advanced Secure Now (FiASN) - Breach Prevention Platform
    • Annual security training for all your employees
    • Annual dark web breach assessment
    • Weekly micro trainings
    • Monthly security newsletters
    • Simulated phishing attacks
    • Security & employee handbook policies
    • Annual Security Risk Assessment
    • Documentation portal
    • Employee vulnerability assessment
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  • HIPAA Secure Now – Security Training Program for Health Care Organizations
    • HIPAA security training for all your employees
    • Annual HIPAA Risk Assessment
    • HIPAA policies and procedures
    • Documentation portal to help organize HIPAA-related information for compliance audits
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