Empower your business with IT consulting

Empower your business with IT consulting

Successfully leveraging IT can help you grow your business, but doing so takes more than just knowing how to surf the internet or craft digital spreadsheets. You'll need specialized knowledge that only IT experts possess, especially in terms of identifying and meeting your business's unique needs. This is what IT consulting services are all about.

What is IT consulting?

IT consulting is the practice of advising organizations regarding their information technology (IT) needs. An IT consultant is an individual who provides such advice, usually for a fee.

The role of an IT consultant can vary greatly from one project to the next. Sometimes, an IT consultant may simply be tasked with helping a business choose and implement the right software for its needs. In other cases, an IT consultant may be responsible for overseeing an organization's entire IT infrastructure.

IT consultants can be individuals, but in many instances, they are well-rounded teams composed of professionals who specialize in different fields of IT. Such is the case with managed IT services providers (MSPs) like Fidelis , which offers comprehensive IT consulting services to businesses in Seattle and Portland.

How do IT consulting services benefit businesses?

Businesses can benefit from working with IT consultants in the following ways:

Seamless digital transformation

Businesses need IT to stay competitive, but digital transformation doesn't just involve buying new computers, mobile devices, and any new gadget. This is because the improper management of newly acquired IT resources can lead to wasted resources, lowered outcomes, and increased vulnerability to cyber incidents.

An IT consultant will examine your business's needs, goals, and current digital resources. They will then guide you through digitizing your records, centralizing communications, addressing cybersecurity issues, and other necessary tech-related steps toward a successful digital transformation.

Improved communications

Over the years, IT has made workplace communication faster, easier, and more reliable with solutions like chat apps, video conferencing, and internet-based business phone systems. An IT consultant can help you explore your options and determine which communication tools work best for your team and match your budget.

Comprehensive project planning and execution

Taking on IT projects can be daunting, especially if you're doing it for the first time. How do you begin and get to the end without wasting resources? What metrics should you use to qualify success?

After helping you identify your desired outcomes, an IT consultant can create a roadmap that leads to these goals. With their knowledge and expertise, they can tap the latest and best IT solutions to improve your odds of success while minimizing expended time, effort, and money.

For example, they can help in implementing a data backup strategy before or during an ongoing project. This ensures that should a disaster that would otherwise destroy your data occur, you'd still have access to crucial files and be able to complete that project within schedule.

Enhanced cybersecurity

A data breach can cost your business more than $4 million, so it's important to bolster your cyber defenses as much as possible. In most cases, IT consultants are also cybersecurity experts, so they can help you identify and address gaps in your current security infrastructure.

They can also recommend and implement the latest security solutions, such as two-factor authentication and encryption, to further protect your business. Additionally, they can educate your staff on cybersecurity best practices and the proper way to respond to cyberattacks.

IT consultants bring to the table the expertise needed for businesses to make the most out of their technology investments. If you're looking to improve your IT infrastructure, boost efficiency, and cut costs, then working with the IT consultants at Fidelis is a great move.

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