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UPDATE! Want a new cloud provider but have an investment in Polycom phones? The Fidelis soluion now supports the Polycom VVX 300, VVX 500, VVX 600 series phones. VVX 400 coming soon!

Fidelis Communications is always searching for the best solutions for its current and future customers. The future of telecom is going to the cloud and we wanted to make sure we could offer the very best of that solution. With our extensive telecom experience we were looking for a cloud communications solution that rounded out our complete IT, MSP, Cabling and Communications offering. We found Crexendo. Crexendo’s cloud communications product has a unique, competitive offering that works. The founder of Crexendo was also the trailblazer in telecom with Inter-Tel of which we have a lot of experience and confidence in. The engineers that developed the Crexendo product came from Inter-Tel as well and are some of the who’s who in the industry. It’s a solid, robust offering with simple and easy installation and administration. A couple of items that had to be checked off our list to become a Fidelis offering.


Why Fidelis for your cloud communications installation?

Typically when you buy from one of our competitors you will be sent phones and are expected to have a ready-to-go QoS infrastructure and all that means. Unfortunately this is where the ball gets dropped and hosted gets a bad name. The good news is that we can offer a complete managed deal. With our professional services package options we will help you with your infrastucture (LAN/WAN) and make sure you are truly ready for a business quality cloud communications experience.


Top 10 Reasons to Move to Cloud Communications

Cloud communications is more than simply voice over IP (VoIP), hosted PBX, CaaS or Unified Communications (UC). It’s an entirely new way to build, deploy, and scale enterprise communications systems. It goes further than VoIP and UC to reduce equipment costs, provide higher definition services with unmatched quality, and deliver a platform of advanced features that allow employees to work in ways – and places – they never imagined. In short, cloud communications services offer enterprises a completely different communications experience that combines the best in voice and data communications and storage – all in a highly cost-effective manner.


1. Lower Total Cost of Ownership.

In today’s economic environment, the last thing you want to do is overpay for your business phone system. Crexendo has heard your call and has developed an entire Cloud platform that offers you a feature-rich system, at one low monthly cost, and no up-front capital expense.

Keep your money in your pocket with an enterprise-class business phone system that offers:

  • Low or no up-front capital expense
  • Low monthly fees
  • No local dial tone expense
  • Free feature upgrades every 6-8 weeks
  • No maintenance fees
  • No hardware/software obsolescence
  • A reduced need for in-house IT resources
  • A fixed monthly bill-no tricks, no gimmicks
  • Free domestic long distance to the US and Canada

Invest in a business phone system that spends BIG money on the right Cloud products and technologies that make your business more productive.


2. Reduced IT Support Costs.

No one appreciates challenging installations, difficult setups, or annoying ongoing maintenance issues. With “Plug & Talk” Technology, Crexendo’s advanced line of business phones come fully programmed and customized for your business’s needs. With this level of simplicity and with the support of the Crexendo Team behind you, the days of expensive in-house IT support for your phone system are over.

Install, setup, and maintain your phone system with ease:

  • Pre-configured devices arrive “Talk Ready,” meaning your new phone system can be up and running in days, not weeks or months.
  • Crexendo’s intuitive web portal interface allows for simple setup (assignment of extensions, call-routing rules, auto attendant setup, etc) from anywhere in the world. Manage all
    of your office locations from one portal.
  • Assign both administrative and user level access to empower each employee to make pre-authorized changes.


Did you know that many times for the cost of your current phone lines you can have a cutting edge cloud system? Unlimited lines? Unlimited calls?


3. Advanced, Easy-To-Use Features.

Imagine having a business phone system that was designed with your business needs in mind. Crexendo’s enterprise-ready features are designed to give your business a phone system with both functionality and flexibility. Whether you’re working from home, the office, or traveling around the world, Crexendo’s telephony platform makes it easy for you to perform your day-to-day phone-related business tasks with ease.

Time saving features that are built to perform:

  • Do you find yourself constantly on the go? Crexendo’s Find me/Follow me feature has you covered with user roles that allow users to specify the best way to reach them.
  • Receive calls on your office phone, home office phone, or Crexendo Mobile Application, or ring them all at once!
  • With Voicemail-to-Email you can be notified and listen to your voicemails from your email inbox!
  • Crexendo’s intuitive web portal gives you the ability to make changes to your phone settings on the fly from one central location.
  • Crexendo offers you all the features that your business needs with one solution at no additional cost for maintenance or service updates. It’s that easy!


4. Crexendo Mobile.

Did you ever think that downloading a simple app on your smartphone could revolutionize the way that you do business? With Crexendo Mobile (CrexMo) you can take the sophistication of your desktop business phone wherever business may take you.

Crexendo Mobile is engineered for maximum mobility:

  • Works with your existing 4G, LTE or Wi-Fi connection, allowing you to make business calls when you want from wherever you are.
  • Separate business and pleasure by using your business outbound caller ID on your personal mobile device.
  • Traveling Internationally? All calls back to the United States are FREE when using the CrexMo app over Wifi!

crexendo mobile app


5. Business Continuity.

Hurricanes, floods, earthquakes, and power outages cause devastation and wreak havoc on businesses, causing untold heartache. With Crexendo, your entire phone system’s data is stored in secure and redundant data centers safe from harm, making it easier for you to keep your business up and running even when disaster strikes. Plus, features like “Plug & Talk” technology makes it easy for you to relocate your phone system to a safe and secure location for your business to operate.

A system you can depend on, no matter what:

  • Crexendo’s intuitive web portal gives you the ability to quickly fail over calls to your cell phone or simply route calls to another location.
  • Your online portal allows your company to make adjustments on-demand to its own network’s extensions without having to call a third-party specialist.
  • With the ability to take your business phone and plug it into any wired internet connection, your business won’t miss a beat in the event of a crisis.
  • Internet down? No problem! Crexendo’s phone system is still able to answer and return all of your calls.


Did you know that the Crexendo product offers call center and contact center features at no extra cost!


6. Intuitive Interfaces.

Having a system that has a lot of functionality is great, but what is the point if the system is difficult to use? Crexendo’s platform offers you intuitive interfaces which make it easy to take control of your phone system. With no outside third-party IT support required, you have the flexibility to make changes such as adding new extensions and users from one centralized online portal.

An intuitive interface empowers you to:

  • Use a centralized web portal to easily manage your business communication from anywhere convenient to you.
  • Make changes on-the-fly with easy access from your desktop or mobile devices.
  • Control your phone system and communicate, collaborate, and exchange information in real-time with an easy-to-use interface.


7. Focus on What You Do Best. We’ll Do the Rest.

Do you want to maximize cost savings and business efficiency while only requiring a minimum amount of time and focus? Crexendo opens up a new window of opportunity for you to save both time
and money with our award-winning Cloud solutions. Our team of expert engineers strive to give you what your business needs to succeed.

One integrated solution for all your business needs:

  • We are here to listen and understand your needs in order to properly architect the optimal communications solution.
  • Installation, maintenance and support are all fully managed by Crexendo giving you more time to focus on your core business.
  • Our experts are here 24/7 with live support to assist you.


8. Your Bottom Line is to Grow.

Every company has a different idea of what it means to grow. Whether you want to boost your bottom line or simply make your business more efficient, don’t be limited by your phone system’s capabilities. Partner with Crexendo in architecting a hosted phone solution that scales at the speed of your business.

An efficient way of doing business that meets your needs:

  • Easily scalable, allowing you to seamlessly expand your phone system.
  • Reduces monthly operational costs without sacrificing your ability to do business with the services and features you need.
  • The right technology to improve your business collaboration and efficiency, so you can reach your goals.


Did you know that using the CrexMo mobile app to call out looks like you’re at the office to the end user? Great for Doctors, Attorneys, etc. that don’t want to give out their personal cell number!


9. Automatic System Upgrades.

The waiting game is over. No more sitting around months on end for new features to become available for your business phone system. Crexendo’s expert engineers have regular updates that occur every 6-8 weeks, providing you with continual enhancements at no extra charge.

Giving you what you need when you need it:

  • We consistently deliver the latest and greatest telecom features.
  • Scheduled updates occur every 6-8 weeks without any downtime to Crexendo’s customers, preventing any disruption to business productivity.
  • Crexendo’s phone system is made with our customers’ needs in mind resulting in the most versatile and productive system money can buy.


10. Security.

A common misconception in switching to hosted Cloud services is the sacrifice of data security and the risk of unauthorized access. Security of personal or work devices is vital in keeping employees productive and important data safe. Crexendo is fully committed to the reliability and security of our Cloud systems. Our worldclass data center features multiple levels of redundancy and the highest level of security defense. Every phase of our development is measured against the maximum security and reliability standards.

We abide by stringent regulatory requirements…Most don’t!

  • Crexendo has achieved PCI compliance, protecting you with the upmost levels of security standards.
  • Crexendo is a registered CLEC adhering to strict FCC standards.
  • Add encryptions for even greater privacy and security. With Crexendo, you can be sure your business conversations are secure!

Simply fill out the quick form to the right with your business communications needs and we will get right back to you.

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