LED Lighting Powered Over Ethernet Wiring

LED Lighting Powered Over Ethernet Wiring

You are probably already familiar with LED (light emitting diode) lighting.  From flashlights to streetlights, the energy-efficient and long-lasting LED lighting is steadily replacing older lighting technology.

But did you know that some LED lighting is now being powered over standard Ethernet wiring?

Lighting can now use “PoE” (Power over Ethernet) technology over standard low-voltage cabling.  These LED light fixtures can be powered and controlled over the same cable, saving wiring costs and allowing the lighting to be controlled via a smart controller to provide intelligent lighting solutions.

Combining the “smart” light fixtures with various sensors that can detect light levels, occupancy, or motion can allow lighting systems to automatically adjust to change in sunlight levels or turn off lights when they aren’t needed.  Combined with the lower energy usage of LED lighting compared to traditional lighting, this can add up to substantial cost savings over time.

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