Our Team

Fidelis seeks to empower our customers to focus on their own missions by using our expertise to aid in all things information and communications technologies.

We strive to act as your partner from the planning phase through implementation, maintenance, and continued forward thinking on all your information and communications technologies platforms.

We do this by hiring expert people who love what they do and who care about the people they do it for, by staying current on the latest technologies, and by spending the time it takes to do every job right.

Executive Team

Scott Wittstock
Everyday I work with my friends

Scott founded Fidelis in 2008 after accumulating 20 years of experience ranging from the US Marine Corps to engineering to management at a regional telecommunications company. In 2010 he acquired Zim Communications and in 2012 he acquired the IT division of PoS Core Technologies. He is RCDD certified and holds a myriad of other awards, certifications, and recognitions from each company he has worked for.

He loves the challenge of leading this company and says “everyday I work with my friends”.

Outside of the time he spends at Fidelis, the things he loves to do includes: spending time with his amazing wife and children, coaching wrestling, carpentry, his 1965 Mustang, movies and camping.

Leviton Network Solutions Certification Course: Copper and Optical Fiber Communications Cabling Systems

Paul Zimmerman
Vice President
I enjoy solving problems for clients.

Paul Zimmerman joined Fidelis as the Vice President in 2012 and brought with him more than 15 years of experience in the IT business. He’s well versed in Project Management with an emphasis in healthcare and technology, and he is a Microsoft Certified Professional.

Paul says “I enjoy solving problems for clients, whether that is finding the best technology for their organization or solving some difficult technical issue. My goal at Fidelis is to build healthy long-term relationships with our clients by being a trusted advisor and partner. We have a good team and great clients which is what makes working at Fidelis fulfilling and enjoyable.”

In time away from Fidelis, you can find him disconnecting from all this technology by spending time outdoors. Some of his favorites are camping, skiing, snowshoeing, hiking and biking. During the summer, he volunteers as a Beach Naturalist for the Seattle Aquarium. Some might say they especially appreciate Paul’s talent for home-brewing beer, as well.

LaRae McDonald

LaRae has been in the communications industry since graduating with her Bachelor’s (in Psychology – go figure) in 1999. She’s held several different roles in the same industry, including Customer Service, Project Management, sales, HR, and Finance.

She says “I love the relationships we’ve developed with our Fidelis clients over the years. I feel blessed to work with such cool people.”

In her time away, she can be found trying to keep up with her toddler and trying (ever so slowly) to learn Spanish.

Leviton Network Solutions Certification Course: Copper and Optical Fiber Communications Cabling Systems



Network Services Team

Tony Rendon
Network Services Manager

Tony is the fearless leader of our largest group: the IT team. We rely on his group to work tirelessly to support our clients’ networks and we rely on Tony to be in charge of this group of brainiacs. He came to us with over twenty years in telecommunications – from Field Engineer to Project Manager to Dispatcher. His transition into leading our IT department is a testament to his experience, versatility and wisdom.

Tony says “To be a part of a team that is 100% on the same page – laser focused on providing the best quality work for our clients – add to that the fact that we have such great relationships with our clients…….it’s WIN/WIN!

In time away from Fidelis, Tony loves having adventures with his family, enjoying the outdoors, playing soccer with his girls and Denver Bronco football.

Tim Loveless
Senior IT Field Services Engineer

Tim has been working with computers one way or another for over 20 years. He holds numerous Microsoft Certifications, and has specialized expertise in a number of platforms that integrate with our clients’ networks.

Tim says “I really enjoy working at Fidelis. All the staff here are fun to work with. It makes me want to come to work instead of having to go to work.”

Away from the office, Tim enjoys fishing with his wife. He’s also an avid flight simmer. Believe it or not, Tim actually built a flight simulator based off a Boeing 737.

Senior IT Field Services Engineer

Profile to come…

James Butcher
Senior IT Field Services Engineer
I enjoy coming to work every day and interacting with our clients.

Many clients know and love James Butcher, but did you know that he’s a veteran of the US Army where he spent 6 years and was deployed multiple times? Once he got out, he graduated with an AAT in Computer Networking & Information Systems Security. He has a number of additional IT certifications including Microsoft, Datto, Watchguard, Symantec, Adtran and more.

James is a pretty easy guy to get along with, and says “I enjoy coming to work every day and interacting with our clients. They all have very unique personalities.”

In his own time, James enjoys being outside in nature, camping, trying new foods and hanging out with great friends. “GO SOONERS!” He also loves learning about new technologies.


Dedicated Services Team

Geoff Palmer
Dedicated Service Group Manager

Geoff leads our Dedicated Services team as they provide daily voice and IT service at our enterprise accounts.

His background is extensive and diverse, much as his intelligence is. He spent years in the Marine Corps as an Assault Vehicle Crewchief, then 12 years at a telecommunications company as a Major Accounts engineer.

In his non-Fidelis time, he enjoys being amazed by his children’s talents and playing with his 2 retrievers. He loves tinkering with anything that has an on/off button or bloopy blinky lights.

Scott Heilman
Dedicated Service Group Technician

Profile to come…

Dedicated Service Group Technician

Marlee joined Fidelis after working for the same telecom company for 14 years. In addition to the dedication he brings to solving problems for our major accounts, he’s one heck of a likeable guy.

Marlee’s professional goal is to continue growing in the diverse IT field so that he can provide the best possible customer service. He says “I truly enjoy the attitude and willingness of my co-workers to provide great customer care. I hope to provide the same great attitude and willingness to the team effort for excellent customer care”.

When he’s not fighting for clients, Marlee can be found at the YMCA in Puyallup where he has been the head wrestling coach for over 16 years.


Cabling Services Team

Brad McPherson
Cabling Services Manager

Brad’s been involved in this industry for over 20 years. He’s certified on NEC, Nortel, Mitel and Leviton. He started his career as a cable tech, moved on to a phone system installation technician, then project management and now is the manager of our cable team.

Brad says “I’ve been very lucky to find a company that I actually enjoy coming to work. Our client base is great and it’s exciting to get the chance to work with them to make sure everything they need is taken care of”.

Outside of the company, being outdoors is what keeps Brad going. He loves to fish, hunt, and camp and is also a big sports fan. GO HAWKS!

Leviton Network Solutions Certification Course: Copper and Optical Fiber Communications Cabling Systems

John Jennings
Cabling Services Technician

John is a locally grown, certified organic Puget Sound guy. He’s an excellent technician and Crew Lead to our team of cable guys.

John has enjoyed working with individuals who share his expectation of high standards and are committed to quality and customer relations. He says “It’s been a great experience to serve our community over the years and watch our clients grow”.

His outside-the-office activities are all literally Outside. Try to name a mountain around here that he hasn’t climbed, for one. In addition to hiking, skiing, climbing, he stays engaged in the outdoor community through weekend trips and volunteer opportunities. Oh, and ribbon-dancing. Lots of love for competitive ribbon-dancing.

Leviton Network Solutions Certification Course: Copper and Optical Fiber Communications Cabling Systems

Chile Villa
Cabling Services Technician

Profile to come…

Cabling Services Technician

Profile to come…

Leviton Network Solutions Certification Course: Copper and Optical Fiber Communications Cabling Systems

Cabling Services Technician

Profile to come…

Leviton Network Solutions Certification Course: Copper and Optical Fiber Communications Cabling Systems



Voice Services Team

Chris Martin
Voice Services Manager
I believe the team structure we have developed is the foundation for our growth.

Chris acts as our Voice Services Manager, and has been with Fidelis since the early days. He has over 15 years of experience in the communications industry, is certified on numerous phone systems and PBXs, and holds Fiber Optics certifications as well. In addition to his technical expertise, Chris brings valuable leadership to our team as an embodiment of the Fidelis core values.

“My goals are to grow and sharpen my management skills so that I can continue to provide support and influence as a team member for the success of Fidelis. I believe the team structure we have developed is the foundation for our growth. This in turn has allowed us to provide the service and support our customers need and have come to expect from us.”

When outside the office, Chris can be found alongside his wife at baseball fields across the nation, cheering on their son in his Select baseball program. He can also be found hitting home runs of his own on his softball league. Come spring and summer, it’s not a Monday morning if Chris doesn’t show up with a welt or a bruise endured from sacrificing his body for the ball. He might be the nicest person you ever met off the field, but on it – this guy is competitive!

Bob Pentico
Senior Engineer

Bob has more experience in technology than many people have years on this planet. Over 40 years in the telecom industry, and 25 years of NEC and Mitel experience. To list his accomplishments would be mind blowing, and to think he’s still such a spring chicken!

He says “After 40 years in the industry, I am still energized by the technology we get to do here at Fidelis. I greatly enjoy helping our clients make the choices that are right for their businesses.”

In his spare time, Bob attends more concerts on weekend than most college students. He loves to spend time with his lovely wife, play the guitar and enjoys the Seahawks and Mariners.

Daryl Johnson
Voice Systems Engineer
I really enjoy finding solutions for my customers. I also enjoy the excellent team that I have at Fidelis.

Daryl Johnson started in the telecommunications industry back in 1983 after completing electronics training in college. He has extensive history in phone systems of all kinds, and hold certificates from CompTIA for A+ and CTP. His wealth of knowledge on the legacy systems is how he’s become our go-to technician for tackling issues for customers with legacy phone systems.

Daryl says: “I enjoy working with customers and solving their problems. I really enjoy finding solutions for my customers. I also enjoy the excellent team that I have at Fidelis.”

When away from Fidelis, Daryl enjoys home improvement, watching the Seahawks, and going on trips with his family.


Customer Experience Team

Customer Experience Manager

Congratulations to Rachelle Butler for her recent promotion to Customer Service Manager. She’s one of those multi-talented people whose knowledge and skills span many departments. Rachelle continues to fulfill the role of account manager, working directly with our clients to provide solutions and solve problems. But she’s also running our growing customer service department and managing to already do a stellar job being both a manager of Fidelis employees as well as a manager of our client accounts.

A little more about Rachelle:

After graduating from UW, she started at the front desk of a computer repair center. She’s been in IT ever since. She’s done everything from Customer Service to Service Manager to Project Manager prior to her days at Fidelis (see what we mean about multi-talented?).

When talking about her life with Fidelis, she says “Fidelis is one of the best companies I’ve worked for. The owners truly care about the employees and our customers. My coworkers are a lot of fun and care as much as I do about our customers. I am confident when talking to customers the service they will receive will be done with EXCELLENCE!”

Outside of her workday here, she loves her husband, her family and her faith. February of 2016 marked the time that she has been with her husband longer than without! She has always aspired to be a competitive body builder or cross-fit competitor. Before she had a family, she rode her motorcycle to work. She is through-and-through a Montana girl. And if this isn’t enough to talk about: ask her about her new found talent for brewing Kombucha!

Project Manager

Terri Lynn’s background aside from raising 3 awesome kids is in Project Management for new phone system installations. She spent a number of years at a local telecom company overseeing the installation of NEC phone systems, designing system and voicemail databases, and providing end user training. She also served as our Office Manager for the first 7 years of Fidelis’ life.

In her time away, Terri Lynn loves to Zumba, dance and walk. She also loves to plan events and cook. Fidelis potlucks are always better thanks to Terri Lynn’s tasty dishes! She’s also an avid crafter and decorator.

Greg Palmer
Accounting Specialist

Greg holds a BA from The Evergreen State College. He came to us after 13 years of working for the Puget Sound Blood Center (now Bloodworks Northwest).

He enjoys having worked in various roles at Fidelis including traveling for out of state IT support, fleet management, procurement, and accounts receivable.

An interesting tidbit about Greg: He was born in Seattle, and his family has lived in Washington since his great-grandfather homesteaded in Eastern Washington in the late 1800’s. His family still operates that ranch to this day.

Customer Service

William is a University of Wisconsin Parkside graduate and comes to us most recently from the Parks and Rec Department of the City of Astoria, where he was the Recreation Leader. There he gained recognition as Employee of the Month. He’s already won our hearts with his awesome attitude, great work ethic, and sharp mind.

His goals here at Fidelis are to learn, grow, and build his experience. He enjoys helping our clients, and we think he’s pretty good at it.

In his off time, William enjoys baseball (which he played through college), mountain biking, hiking, backpacking and coaching baseball.


Sales Team

Sales Manager
I enjoy motivating and staying focused on a successful direction with all becoming evangelists for the company.

Chris brings a level of professionalism and experience to our sales team that is unsurpassed. Just a few of his accomplishments, awards, and publishings are as follows:

✓ Keynote Speaker – Syringa Networks Business and Technology Symposium.
✓ Sales Expert Recognition – SalesBlog! featured as a top must-read blog on Consultative Selling! -Docurated.
✓ Entrepreneur Manufacturer – Windows Magazine “Desktop Systems Category” Award.

According to Chris, “Professionalism is a key component to any organizations success. Great communications, under promising and over delivering with integrity and honesty, are not just ideas but a commited lifestyle for me. I apply this to not only customers but employees. I enjoy motivating and staying focused on a successful direction with all becoming evangelists for the company. “

Away from the office, Chris still loves inspiring other sales professionals to become the best in their industry through his articles, quizzes and playbook. (Sleep? Who needs sleep when there is blogging to be done!) With that said, time with his family is his most important spare time activity by far.

A+, Network+, MCP, CTP, Cloud Essentials

Roger Huba
Senior Account Manager

Roger is our Senior Account Manager, and brings a wealth of experience, education, and talent to the position. He is currently working towards obtaining his doctoral degree (Doctor of Business Administration), and he holds both a Master of Information Systems Management as well as a Master of Project Management. His Bachelor’s degree is in Computer Information Systems. He has over a decade of experience in Corporate Training, and is also one of our veterans (he spent 14 years in the US Army and the US Navy).

When discussing Fidelis and his role here, he says “Fidelis is not just a job, but a family. I hope to be part of something special in building Fidelis to be the Seattle area go-to company for all IT solutions.”

Roger is a self-proclaimed Star Wars Geek and a NY Jets Fan. He also loves computers, which is why he says that he comes to work happy because he gets to do what he loves.