Seattle Monorail Project Showcase

February 7th, 2019
Seattle Monorail Project Showcase


Project Summary & Goals

Ticketing system:

Seattle Monorail Services, the operator of the Seattle Monorail, wanted to update their ticketing system to allow the ability to take credit cards, get better data about ridership, improve the efficiency of their operations, make riding the monorail as easy as possible, and prepare for a future increase in ridership.

To support this effort, they needed to get the infrastructure in place to support the new ticketing system. This included implementing a new Point of Sale (POS) system.

The infrastructure needed to be secure and reliable while also being cost-effective.

Fidelis worked with the Seattle Monorail project team to help provide input on the infrastructure needs for several different ticketing system solutions that were considered.

After the ticketing solution vendor was selected, the Fidelis team helped review options to implement infrastructure to support the system. This included evaluating connectivity options to connect the two stations together:

  • VPN using Internet connections at each location
  • Private leased line connections
  • Building a private network to connect the stations together

We determined that a private network would be the most reliable and cost-effective option in the long-term, so they started working with them to help determine how to build this network best.

Cabling and Inrastucture:

Our cabling crew worked with the Seattle Monorail operations staff to plan for the unique challenge of running an exterior-rated fiber-optic cable down the monorail guideway to connect the two locations together. Fidelis also helped plan for building a new data rack in each location to house the equipment needed to support the new ticketing system infrastructure.

Fidelis installed new data racks at each location, CAT 6 cabling to each of the ticket booths (at both stations), ran cabling for wireless access points, and installed new feed cables from the new data rack at Seattle Center into the existing office space to allow reports to be run from the new system, connect to an Internet connection, etc.

Once the equipment was purchased, we helped get the equipment installed into racks—UPSes, remote power control units, power distribution, switches, patch cables, server, new firewall, access points, backup & business continuity appliance, etc. We set up a physically separate network for the ticketing system for security purposes.

We also worked with the ticketing system software vendor to help get the database set up on the new server, get accounts set up, install software, and configure the tablet PCs.

Once the system was configured, we helped install the equipment into the ticket booths—cash drawer, barcode scanner, ticket printer, receipt printer, credit card terminal, etc.

Managed Services:

Fidelis’ managed services help the Seattle Monorail systems get the care and maintenance that they need to keep the systems secured, prevent downtime, and improve the overall efficiency of their operations.

The solution provides 24/7/365 monitoring of critical systems, proactive support when issues are detected, and management of critical patching of systems to keep them updated and secured.
By providing a solid foundation for the overall maintenance of their computer network and equipment, Fidelis’ managed services reduce costly downtime and allows their staff to focus on their core business of maintaining and operating the Monorail.

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