The benefits of outsourcing IT support to a Managed Service Provider (MSP)

August 27th, 2020
The benefits of outsourcing IT support to a Managed Service Provider (MSP)

Many small businesses can usually afford only one or two full-time technicians to support their IT infrastructure. But if one of your staff is on vacation or an extended leave of absence when you experience an IT problem, the downtime can result in unproductive employees, missed business opportunities, and lower revenue. This is where a managed IT services provider (MSP) can help.

What is an MSP?

MSPs like Fidelis provide IT infrastructure maintenance and monitoring services under a monthly service model. MSPs also offer services such as help desk, network operations center (NOC), cybersecurity protection, cloud migration, IT consulting, virtualization, hardware and software deployment, server maintenance, and technical support, among others.

How does outsourcing IT support benefit your company?

1. Cost-savings

Your technology needs will grow as your business expands, which may result in your in-house IT personnel becoming overwhelmed with tech support requests. Hiring more staff may ease their workload, but the additional costs of salaries, benefits, and training make this an impractical solution.

An MSP can handle a high number of tech support requests, in many cases much faster than an in-house IT team. They can remotely or personally attend to issues, identify the causes, and ensure that the problems are properly addressed — all for a fixed monthly fee that’s cheaper than what you'd pay for additional full-time IT staff.

2. Expertise

Your current IT team knows your business and employees well, but may not always be well-rounded when solving IT problems that they haven’t encountered before. You may turn to non-IT employees for solutions to technical problems, but this is not practical in the long term.

Partnering with an MSP ensures that you have a team of professionals dedicated to keeping your business running smoothly and safe from all cyberthreats. What’s more, they can work together with your in-house IT team to solve issues, which can augment your staff’s knowledge base and capabilities. Most MSPs work with a broad variety of businesses, so can provide guidance for tools, technologies, and applications that have proven to work well for their other clients.

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3. 24/7/365 uptime

Your in-house IT staff may not always be available to monitor your IT infrastructure 24/7. For instance, if cybercriminals launched a malware attack on your systems in the middle of the night, your IT team will likely only be able to address the issue the following day.

Conversely, an MSP can maintain and monitor your IT infrastructure round the clock, including weekends and holidays. Even after business hours, they can monitor network aspects such as predictive and performance failures, and provide early warning about cyberthreats that might cause damage to your systems.

Why should you partner with Fidelis?

Fidelis’ professional team can solve almost any IT problem your business is experiencing, such as a spotty internet connection, a failing server, or a malware attack, so your business’s operations can return to normal as quickly as possible.

What’s more, every time you call our help desk, our technicians automatically recognize your customer profile so we can tailor-fit solutions to your problems. We support most common business applications as well as specialized line-of-business software used in many industries. You can count on us for whatever IT issue your business has.

Make your business’s IT one less thing to worry about. Fidelis provides state-of-the-art tech support services for organizations in Seattle, Tacoma, and Portland. We will help you reduce downtime, and ensure maximum efficiency and productivity. To know if your business is ready for managed IT services, download our FREE eBook today.

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