Understanding Microsoft 365 Licensing: Part 2

Understanding Microsoft 365 Licensing: Part 2

In our previous article, we covered the basics of Microsoft 365 Business and Enterprise licenses. In this continuation, we'll explore additional licensing options and specific tools, including Microsoft Teams licenses and other specialized plans.

Microsoft Teams Licenses

Microsoft Teams has become a central hub for teamwork in many organizations. Here are some licensing options specifically for Teams:

  1. Microsoft Teams Essentials
  2. This standalone plan provides core Teams features such as chat, meetings, and file collaboration without requiring other Microsoft 365 services.

    • Use Case: Small businesses or teams needing a collaboration tool without the full suite of Microsoft 365 services.
  3. Microsoft Teams Premium
  4. This add-on enhances the Teams experience with advanced meeting features, custom branding, and improved security and compliance tools.

    • Use Case: Organizations looking to enhance their Teams experience with additional customization and security features.
  5. Microsoft Teams Audio Conferencing
  6. This add-on allows users to join Teams meetings using a phone, providing an audio-only option for those without internet access.

    • Use Case: Businesses needing to accommodate users who prefer or require dial-in options for meetings.

Pricing and Management

Microsoft sets the pricing for all its Teams licenses, and businesses can purchase these licenses directly. However, partnering with a Managed IT Service Provider (MSP) like Fidelis offers several advantages. When an MSP manages your licenses, they handle the complexities of license procurement and management, speeding up processes such as adding new users. This allows you to maintain control and insight into your licensing while benefiting from streamlined operations and support.

License Comparison Table

License Type Includes Ideal For
Microsoft 365 Business Basic Web and mobile versions of Office apps, email, file storage, sharing Startups, small businesses
Microsoft 365 Business Standard Desktop versions of Office apps, email, file storage, sharing SMBs needing offline access
Microsoft 365 Business Premium Desktop apps, email, advanced security, device management SMBs focusing on security
Microsoft 365 Apps for Business Latest Office apps on all devices, no business services Businesses needing Office apps only
Microsoft 365 E3 Office apps, email, file storage, advanced security, compliance tools Medium to large enterprises
Microsoft 365 E5 E3 features plus advanced analytics, security, and voice capabilities Large enterprises with complex needs
Microsoft 365 F3 Essential Office apps and services for frontline workers Retail, manufacturing, healthcare frontline workers
Microsoft 365 F1 Core functionalities like email, Teams, and communication tools Frontline employees needing essential tools
Microsoft 365 Kiosk (K1/K2) Basic Office apps, email, limited features (K1) + more storage and services (K2) Kiosk workers in retail or hospitality
Microsoft Teams Essentials Core Teams features without other Microsoft 365 services Small teams or businesses needing collaboration
Microsoft Teams Premium Advanced meeting features, custom branding, improved security Organizations wanting enhanced Teams features
Microsoft Teams Audio Conferencing Dial-in options for Teams meetings Businesses needing audio-only meeting options

Did You Know?

As a Microsoft partner, Fidelis can help you purchase and manage your Microsoft 365 licenses. Our team ensures that you get the right license for your needs and helps you make the most of your investment. To learn more about different mailbox types and how they can benefit your organization, check out our detailed article on the subject.

Scott Wittstock

Scott Wittstock

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