Everything you need to know about DNS filtering

Ransomware and other types of malware pose a serious threat to your business, putting you at extreme risk of extended downtime, data breaches, and the loss of valuable resources. Your IT system can get infected by malware in several ways, one of which is when your employees visit and download content from malicious websites — whether accidentally or on purpose.

How to link your personal and work LastPass accounts

LastPass eliminates the headache of creating and storing strong passwords for your corporate and personal accounts. If you already have a LastPass vault for your work passwords, you can create a new account in which to secure your online account passwords, credit card details, and other personal information.

Is safe password sharing possible?

Despite the rising popularity of other authentication methods, passwords remain an integral part of most businesses' day-to-day operations. A number of measures remain in place to keep passwords secure: stipulations for password length and composition, mandatory periodic resets, and of course, restrictions against sharing them.

Protecting your company with a 24/7 SOC service

Cyberthreats are among the most pervasive dangers to businesses today. As they can strike at any moment, you need to be able to monitor your network and address incidents quickly to minimize risk to your operations. This is exactly why many organizations need a full-fledged security operations center (SOC) as part of your overall cybersecurity program.

Tips for creating a strong LastPass master password

LastPass is a password manager app that allows you to protect your online accounts much more effectively. It acts as a virtual vault for passwords to accounts saved in LastPass. When you log in to an account, the app can automatically input your login information, not only speeding up the process but also eliminating the need to memorize the password to that account.

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