Are your browser extensions safe?

Browser extensions are small application modules that you can install to customize or improve the functionality of web browsers like Mozilla, Chrome, and Opera. There is an extension for practically any purpose today, whether it’s taking full-page screenshots, blocking annoying ads, checking grammar and spelling, or collecting website analytics, among others.

Internal vs. outsourced SOC: Choosing the best one for your business

The number of cyberattacks is steadily increasing by around 50% every year, so your business needs to invest in measures and solutions that maximize cybersecurity. One of the most important of these solutions is a security operations center (SOC).

What is a SOC?
A SOC is a team of cybersecurity specialists whose main responsibility is to identify, analyze, and respond to cybersecurity risks.

Top 4 mobile security threats to watch out for

Smartphones and tablets are essential to successful remote work setups because they enable users to access business data and accomplish tasks virtually anywhere. However, convenient as they may be, these devices can leave your business vulnerable to plenty of cyberthreats.

5 Reasons more businesses are adopting cloud servers over in-house servers

To adapt to the COVID-19 pandemic, many businesses invested in technologies that enhance flexibility, agility, and mobility. Cloud computing, in particular, was instrumental during the pandemic in helping businesses facilitate remote work arrangements.

Even as more and more businesses return to traditional office-based setups, cloud solutions continue to become increasingly popular.

Accelerating threat remediation and how an MSP can help

Cybersecurity remains one of the major concerns for businesses in 2022, with many companies allocating more of their IT budgets to beefing their cyber defenses. Doing the same for your business would be wise, although you need to be smart about it. If you want to ensure the best protection for your IT systems this year and beyond, one area you need to look into is threat remediation.

Dark web scanning: Why your business needs it

Many solutions empowering businesses like yours — internet telephony and cloud technology, to name two examples — are possible because of the internet. But not everything on the world wide web can benefit your organization. The dark web, in particular, can pose a very serious danger to your company, your vendors, and your customers.

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