Quiz: How well do you know these basic cybersecurity terms?

As cyberattacks become more prevalent and sophisticated, businesses need to protect their systems now more than ever. They need to be familiar with cybersecurity terms such as malware, exploits, brute force attacks, and firewalls, among others. Failing to understand these concepts may result in poor cybersecurity practices that can lead to costly data breaches.

How to deal with work from home burnout

Millions of people were forced to work from home as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Working remotely sounded promising, as it supposedly resulted in benefits such as greater flexibility, improved productivity, and more time to attend to personal matters.

Why your business shouldn’t use SMS authentication

Multifactor authentication (MFA) is a security protocol that identifies users through two or more verification methods when they log in to their account. It is currently one of the best ways to protect online accounts from cyber attacks. In fact, the MFA market is expected to reach $28.34 billion by 2026 and grow 17.8% annually within the next five years.

5 Signs it’s time to get a new laptop

Is your older laptop starting to become unresponsive while you’re working, or becoming slow or unreliable? If so, it may be time to consider replacing your laptop. Here’s how to determine if you need an upgrade:

1. Slow performance
Slow laptop performance is your first red flag.

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