Tips for creating a strong LastPass master password

LastPass is a password manager app that allows you to protect your online accounts much more effectively. It acts as a virtual vault for passwords to accounts saved in LastPass. When you log in to an account, the app can automatically input your login information, not only speeding up the process but also eliminating the need to memorize the password to that account.

LastPass password manager tips you need to know

As a rule, you need to set up unique and hard-to-crack passwords for each of your online accounts. But considering how the average user has 90 online accounts, following this practice means keeping track of 90 or more complex passwords — more than enough to give anyone a mental overload!

LastPass password manager addresses this very problem by acting as a virtual vault for your passwords.

10 Cybersecurity tools and services you need today

If you’re concerned about your business’s cybersecurity, these statistics will likely worry you:

A 2021 report revealed that 86.2% of the businesses surveyed have fallen victim to a cyberattack.
Hacking incidents happened once every 1.12 seconds in 2020.
More than 92 million new malware samples have been found as of June 2021. Note that 137.7 million new samples were found in 2020.
Fifty percent of business computers that were infected with malware were subsequently reinfected the same year, says another 2021 report.

Using OneDrive with Teams and SharePoint Online

Microsoft 365 has come a long way in recent years, becoming one of the most important productivity suites in the business world. Although the traditional Microsoft Office desktop applications remain as important tools that most businesses use, Microsoft’s cloud-based applications and services are starting to change the way that businesses get work done.

What is Remote Desktop Services (RDS)?

Remote Desktop Services (RDS) is an umbrella term referring to a range of features available in Windows that allow users to remotely access computers and virtual machines.

RDS consists of two main components: the server-side Remote Desktop Session Host and the Remote Desktop application that run on the end user’s device used to connect to the remote system.

12 Microsoft Teams tips and tricks you need to know

Microsoft Teams is a versatile communication tool that is available for free on its own and is included in various Microsoft 365 packages. It’s largely known as a video conferencing platform, but it can also be used for chatting and sharing files. Teams became especially popular during the coronavirus pandemic as one of the go-to applications, besides Zoom and Google Meet, for remote team meetings.

8 IT policies you should include in your employee handbook

An employee handbook is one of the most effective channels through which a company can communicate its mission, expectations, and rules to its staff. If your business uses IT in any capacity, your handbook must contain policies that cover not just the use, but also the security of your hardware, software, and data.

5 Social media hacks for small businesses

During these times of social distancing and stay-at-home orders, the use of social media has never been more important for businesses when connecting with customers. But with endless platforms available online, managing your company’s social media accounts can be overwhelming.

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