Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery – Part 1

April 2nd, 2020
Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery – Part 1


The COVID-19 crisis has many businesses scrambling to continue working while following the guidance of our leaders to Stay Home – Stay Safe. During this time, Fidelis has been working diligently setting our clients up with remote network access and getting voice services set up to allow their staff to work remotely.

During this effort it has become clearer more than ever that all businesses regardless of size need to have a Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery (BCDR) plan in place. Until now a BCDR plan primarily consisted of just making sure your data was backed up, basically disaster recovery not business continuity. That is no longer the case. The COVID-19 event has demonstrated quite effectively that businesses must have a cohesive BCDR plan that encompasses all phases of your business.

There is a myriad of technology tools that Fidelis can provide to assist you in effectively navigating these challenges.

  • Backup solutions that not only keep your data safe but allow you to turn up a virtual server in the cloud allowing access to your necessary line of business applications from anywhere.
  • Firewall appliances that can allow multiple simultaneous VPN (Virtual Private Network) connections for secure access to your network. The security configuration of your firewall is important to protecting your network from a cyber attack due to a failure to properly configure necessary rules and blocking all other access that could be used to gain access to your network and data.
  • Employee security training can dramatically reduce potential security breaches and accidental virus infiltration in your network infrastructure. Ransomware, spyware, malware and spear phishing campaigns are all clear and present dangers to our business and personal identities. According to an IBM study, 95% of all cyber breaches were caused by human error. This human error category includes not only careless or unintentional actions, but lack of action as well.
  • Remote desktop solutions allowing your users to be able to remotely access their work computers.
  • Software Defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN) solutions that provide reliable connections to and from your facility over multiple internet circuits and providers. This solution provides load balancing based on applications and seamless failover in the event one of your internet providers networks become congested or experience an outage.
  • Cloud Voice Solutions offer a robust feature set like your current premises-based system and provide the flexibility of quickly and seamlessly migrating your staff to a work at home model. This model in most cases also saves you money because you no longer need local phone line service or paying yearly fees for software maintenance agreements and upgrades.
  • Video Conferencing and Desktop sharing solutions allow you to conduct meetings and collaboration sessions virtually, keeping your team and your clients connected and engaged.

Deploying and maintaining all this technology can be a daunting task for most businesses. Our team is ready and available to work with you to ensure that your business has the necessary tools to be prepared and protected. Look for more articles coming soon that will drill down into each of these areas of BCDR. There’s no time like the present to start the conversation. Reach out to us today at (206) 725-7728 or check out our website at

Written by: Bob Pentico – [email protected] – 206-725-7728

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