7 Common network cabling mistakes to avoid

Many businesses use network cables to connect and quickly transfer data between their computers and other devices. This means that network cabling (i.e., the infrastructure of network cables) is crucial to ensuring that employees can easily access the IT resources they need to perform their tasks.

Phone and Conference Call Etiquette

April 28th, 2020

Now that we are all working remotely

Over the last few weeks, something I have known for years has really jumped to the forefront during calls, conference calls and WebEx, Zoom and Teams conferences. Our minds and our mouths work far faster than the technology we are using to communicate.

5 Ways improper cabling hurts your business

August 28th, 2019

Cabling might not be the most glamorous thing when it comes to technology, but there’s no denying how important it is in the modern office environment. Since the internet is the critical backbone of the modern business, the last thing you need is a slow connection that regularly drops or easily gets overloaded.

Buyer Beware of Cheap Network Cable!

April 22nd, 2019

Copper Clad Aluminum

Recently we have seen a re-emergence of “less than” quality of copper cabling for structured cabling solutions. When following up to see how my quotes were progressing, we were being told that we were considerably higher than our competition.

How smart office cabling increases business efficiency

April 18th, 2019

Office cabling and installation might not be the most glamorous areas of your IT infrastructure, but they’re certainly some of the most critical. Proper planning and deployment are essential for ensuring technology reliability and, in turn, maximizing employee productivity.

Welcome Mario Cruz!

April 15th, 2019

This month we welcomed Mario Cruz to our Fidelis team! He has a background in cabling and hit the ground running on some of our current projects. In the past few weeks, he’s already been a key player out at new building cable infrastructure jobs for one of our private school customers in Bellevue, and a new co-op grocery store in Tacoma.

What is a Distributed Antenna System?

March 18th, 2019

In its purest form, a distributed antenna system (DAS) is a way to deal with poor coverage inside a large building by installing a network of antennas throughout the building to serve as repeaters. Why is this important to you?

What does a Distributed Antenna System Do for You?

DAS enables emergency responders and cell phone users to communicate at all times from inside a building.

A business IT network installation checklist: From planning to implementation

March 14th, 2019

As a modern company, your business IT network is one of your most critical assets. Without it, employees will be unable to do their jobs, while your customers will be left wondering where you disappeared to. There’s much more to business network installation than simply connecting a few workstations to a router and then getting online.

Build for the Future: Patch Panel Solution For A Digital Phone System

From a future proofing perspective, it is always better to install the best cabling available. This is because it is so difficult to replace cabling inside walls, in ducts under floors and other difficult places to access. The rationale is that cabling will last at least 10 years and will support at least four to five generations of PBX and data equipment during that time . If future equipment running at much higher data rates requires better cabling and data center design.

Seattle Monorail Project Showcase

Project Summary & Goals

Ticketing system:

Seattle Monorail Services, the operator of the Seattle Monorail, wanted to update their ticketing system to allow the ability to take credit cards, get better data about ridership, improve the efficiency of their operations, make riding the monorail as easy as possible, and prepare for a future increase in ridership.

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